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Isabelle Moulis Artiste Peintre La Rochelle
Isabelle Moulis Artiste Peintre La Rochelle Cimetiere de Bateaux

Not long after returning to painting I was lucky to have my exibition request at the “Atelier Bletterie” (collective painting workshop and exhibition room in La Rochelle) accepted. I then presented, for the first time, a series of works made on different supports such as hardboard, paper and canvas...

Isabelle Moulis Artiste Peintre La Rochelle Friche Industrielle

I love unusual places. In the same way the cementeries were my favourite playground during my childhood, when I was in my teens, when I saw a derelicted area, I wanted to wander around it.

I started taking pictures 30 years ago. And then came the painting.


Here you will find the rest, at least part of it, samples of series I realised and which will surely come back because I love them and I don't see why I would forget them. So all the “Tout'ime” : small treasures, unusual textures, travel books, studies of birds, a few watercolours...

Some of them will be in the blog as time go on...

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