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Not long after returning to painting I was lucky to have my exibition request at the “Atelier Bletterie” (collective painting workshop and exhibition room in La Rochelle) accepted. I then presented, for the first time, a series of works made on different supports such as hardboard, paper and canvas... This subject is carried since my teenage years spend in Brittany, in the Morbihan. 

May this be to Etel, where I spend my childhood or on the school path or during the Beaux Arts in Lorient... By bike or later riding my Mobyx this places attract myself, melancolic places also propitious to introspection or first romantic dates I draggued my wheels or feet... And I come back everytime with the same pleasure.

This places, since 2010, will slowly disapear because the deposit of boats are henceforth forbidden by the law. I think it's a pitty because they are the quite witness of a bygone time and life stories. So, I continue to paint them, photograph them while they are still there, during my walks  bring me  to places where those wrecks rest...

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