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Photography has been part of my life for a long time. I have always enjoyed taking family portraits, creating albums.


When I started painting after a break, I used photography as a way to store pictures, emotions. I still use it for this purpose on top of my sketch book but photography really became a special universe when I lost my painting workshop and since then this technique, this creating way is fully part of my artistic work.


My favourite themes are textures and some are close to abstract and, as you have already understood, one subject alone is not sufficient.

After using a film camera Canon I switched to a digital Panasonic as digital photography suited my habit of taking a lot of photos. I particularly liked this first digital camera with its orientable screen which allowed me to discover the enjoyment of Street-Art photography.


Unfortunatly, I lost it. I replaced it with a second Panasonic. I chose it because it was light, an important feature to me.


My P.O.V. are all chosen during the shooting. I often edit my pictures with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

As for me, subject and composition are more important than technique. This way, the spontaneity and esthetic of the photo are preserved.

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