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Nature, the plant world, as well as the animal kingdom, are part of my universe. If I've been drawing cats and birds for a long time, it has mostly been in the form of watercolors and occasional sketches.

The series of "zanimos" came about fortuitously during a proposal for an exhibition - an article on this subject is available in the blog - and this family gradually expands.

The illustrative bestiary has another origin story, stemming from a partnership that did not come to fruition; here too, other animals have gathered around the initial ones.

The differences between the series, besides their origins, are:

  • The exclusive use of ink techniques for the illustrative bestiary, whereas watercolor, inks, and mixed techniques are employed for the "zanimos"...

  • Much smaller formats for the latter; for example, drawings in the form of circles measure 17 cm in diameter, while my Kingfisher measures approximately 60 by 75 cm.

  • And the stories they tell: the "zanimos" often being linked to their food, their environment... the bestiary, on the other hand, focused more on the words that should accompany them, with more emphasis on graphic elements.

Nevertheless, over time, nursery rhymes and other bestiaries will join them in this new section with tenderness and poetry... and I hope, for your greater pleasure.

The zanimals

The illustrative bestiary

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