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Curious and contemplative are two of my character traits... If I no longer lie in the grass to observe the clouds, the little creatures, or the construction of a flower; I am always in awe of textures and small details, searching for similarities and analogies...

My work on the "zanimos" - a new section coming to Tout'ime - has plunged me into the world of animals but also into the world of plants. And from plants to humans, you might say; here my personal interest in the environment, ecology, and plants has merged with my curiosity.

My personal pleasure in discovering, as well as my desire to share and raise awareness among others about the similarities I discovered between species, came together. Initially, sketches and watercolors accumulated, waiting for the idea, the guiding thread to present them in the best way possible.

Diptychs and series emerge, but this is, I hope, only the beginning...

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